How are you able to sell items cheaper than most high street retailers?
The two main reasons are:
a) As we are not a shop we do not incur the high overheads it takes to run a shop therefore we are able to reduce the seller's recommended profit to save customers money.
b) We source some of our products from businesses & suppliers that have recently gone in Liquidation where stock is sold off lower than market value to cover outstanding depts.

Will there be any difference in a product from buying this item from you rather than a major high street retailer?
There shouldn't be any difference in the product what so ever apart from the money you save on the price.

I was previously looking at a particular item on your stock page but I can no longer see it, may you still have it for sale?
Our stock page is updated daily & is 100% accurate at the last time of update so unfortunately if the item you require is no longer listed on the stock page it means that we have now sold out.

You have sold out of a particular item I wanted to buy, when will you have more in stock?
We try to obtain more of all items that we sell out of but unfortunately once an item has gone there is no guarantee that we will be able to obtain more stock as our stock is subject to what is offered to us by our suppliers, this why it is essential that if you see something you want on our stock page, purchase it straight away or you may miss out.

Why is there never a wide range of products for sell on your stock page?
Please understand that because our stock is subject to what is offered to us at a discounted rate from the suppliers and we also sell items cheaper than most major high street retailers, 90% of our stock is sold out within 48hrs from being advertised so unfortunately our stock level will always be low due to the high demand we have from our customers.

Do I have to pay an extra 20% V.A.T on top of the advertised price?
No, the price you see plus delivery & card fees is the only price you pay.

Can I claim back 20% V.A.T from the item's price with the Sales Receipt you provide?
As we are a small business with a current business turnover under the V.A.T level we do not charge any of our customers V.A.T, so therefore you are unable to claim back money what you have not incurred in the first place. We recommend all customers to take advantage of this as it will soon end.

Why do you charge 3% extra if I pay with my Credit Card?
Please be aware that this is the amount we are charged to handle Card Payments and most major retailers also charge a Card Processing Fee, it will usually state this on their receipts as 'I agree to pay 3% of the total shown to Card Transactions Ltd for card handling services it provides to me. The item's price will remain the same regardless of the payment method used. The only difference between us and them is that we do not increase an item's price to hide fees so that buyers paying by a Cash method will still have to pay.

I would like to buy an item but I live abroad?
Sorry we are unable to accept orders from International customers direct from our website.

If I buy an item can I collect it from your premises?
As much as we would like to let customers collect from our premises, due to the high value of products in storage our Insurance policy prohibits access to members of the public. However, we do offer a same day delivery service for customers located in London and who are able to pay in cash.

When will my order be depatched?
All orders where payment is received before 9am will usually be despatched the same day and are guaranteed to arrive the next working day before 1pm by Royal Mail Special Delivery or will arrive in 1 to 2 working days if it is Royal Mail Recorded Delivery. Orders where the payment is received after 9am but before 5pm are still usually despatched the same day depending on how busy we are so we advise you to call and find out.

What happens if I receive something different from what I have ordered?
If you notice any discrepancies in your order please notify us within 24hrs after signing for your item. We may not be able to rectify any issues that may occur after this period.

What happens if my item arrives faulty or a fault occurs within 31 days after receiving it?
If your item arrives faulty or a fault occurs within 31 days after receiving it, send it back to us and we will be more than happy to exchange it to the exact model purchased subject to stock availability and the fault was not self conflicted. After the 31 days your receipt validates the remainder of your 12 months warranty from the manufacturer.


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